Hello from a french simmer !

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    • Hello from a french simmer !

      Hello !

      Sorry for my poor english but my german is the worst !

      My name is Yannick, I’m 25 years old, and I live on East of France just near the swiss border.

      I use loksim since many years, I discovered it with its first version, so first I would like to thank the fantastic team which create the most realistic train simulator I’ve ever seen !

      I’m actually making an evocation of a real control desk with authentic pieces of a french class CC 6500, to use it with loksim. At present day, the prototype is partially functionnal, I’m testing it with only traction and brake controls. Fortunaly it works perfectly and it’s a fantastic way to play with my favorite program !

      But I have a little problem, my objective is to have all displays (speedometer, brakes manometers, etc...) on the screen. The best way to do that is to create a loksim cab with only these controls, but I have a difficulty with the cab editor, I need to place the driver’s view on left (in France most of the engines are driven on left), but when I try to change the value “lokführersicht rechts/links (m)” it returns at its original value when I try to save ! Can you help me ?

      Thanks a lot see you on the tracks !

    • Hello !

      I have a question for the developpers or anyone who knows the answer. How can I pilot a real speedometer with loksim ? I know that speed information is wrote in a variable but how can I find this variable to use it ?